The Burning Hell - prelude to an analysis

I love The Burning Hell. I had not even heard of them, but some friends (Hi Matt and Vicky!) bought tickets to see them in a tiny venue in Sheffield called Record Junkee. I was utterly and irrevocably blown away. Just a three-piece version of this wildly various outfit, of singer/guitarist Mathias Kom, multi instrumentalist, singer  and video editor Ariel Sharratt, and Jeffrey Lewis (I think - please feel free to correct me), the musicianship, stage craft, singing and lyrics - man those lyrics - moved me in ways I have rarely been moved by a gig. Since then I have become somewhat obsessed, and I just hope that the band don't object too strongly to my social media stalkyness!

I will be writing a celebration / analysis / introduction blog entry to some of the lyrics but it seemed sensible to have the songs available first for 1) their sheer brilliance to be shared and 2) for my analysis to make ands sense or have any purchase at all.

Limiting the number of songs top one that allowed for some of the range of writing style to be noted while not writing a 200 page book is sooooo hard but for now I have decided upon 'It happens in Florida' from the 2007 album Tick Tock, 'Nostalgia' from 2011's Flux Capacitor, 'Wallflowers', 'Amateur Rappers' and 'Barbarians' from People (2013) and 'Give Up' and 'Men Without Hats' from Public Library from 2016.


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