Espenson drafts - The Harsh Light of Day

This is an episode I turn to with amazing regularity. It was the cornerstone of my first major keynote address at the Whedon Studies Association conference in Arkansas in 2008; the image I'm using here will, I hope, be the cover image of my new book, and the episode's importance in showing us the post-Angel Buffy and the post-Angel Buffy is staggering.

Espenson has some great insights into the ep, a couple of which I offer below.

The Outline is here 

First draft

Second draft

Third Draft

Espenson says, "You'll notice a big change in Parker between the first and second drafts –- Joss pointed out that his insincerity was too clear in the first draft, so I tried to write him more genuine after that".

and also, "This episode was another case, like ‘Superstar’, in which we wrote an extended role for an actor who had previously only had a much smaller part (Mercedes, Harmony). We gambled that she'd be able to do this and she was much better than we'd even hoped. Her Harmony added so much to this ep""


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