The Boy and the Moon (Most underrated album of 1997)

The Boy and the Moon was an album of original songs by Apeneck Sweeney. The band was originally intended as one-off spoof to perform at the University College Scarborough English Department's end of year 'Symposium' and was to have been Dan Tucker of guitar and Matthew Pateman on vocals. The lamentable state of my vocals meant that even as a spoof this needed to be re-thought and Monique Houraghan whose voice is angelic came on board, as did, for a couple of songs, Martin Arnold. We performed a few times and made the tape which was used as a recruitment tool; (what the hell were we thinking??).

Anyway, it was in 1997 and as I'm writing a book on the year, I figured I should unearth one of ts lost classics! I'm slowly teaching myself editing skills so attached is my first attempt at a video and it goes with the song 'Golden' that opened the cassette. As and when I have time, I'll add more.



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