Espenson draft - Triangle (most under-rated Buffy ep ever??)

Trolls, hammers and and hints of the early pre-Anya days of the Nordic nuisance. A brilliant episode with  humour, great character development and tension (Xander's anger at being in the middle of the squabbling Willow and Anya is great), Anya's love of money... One of the most under-rated eps of the entire seven seasons, I think. Also, post Avengers' Hulk, 'puny receptacle', anyone...!

And here's the outline ( a revised version of an earlier one that I don't have) and the first and third drafts, separated by a mere nine days. I'm not sure where the second one is.

Espenson writes of this episode:

‘Triangle’! Another one I like a lot. The troll was wonderful to write for. And I'm very proud of Spike's interest in the fried onion appetizer. And I love that he tries to be helpful with the location of possible babies - ‘what do you think - hospital, maybe?’


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