Buffy Draft: End Of Days 7.21

Here is the next set of drafts from Jane Espenson (this one co-written with Doug Petrie). This one is 'End of Days', the brilliant nail-biting lead in to the final ever televisual Buffy. Faith and the girls are blown up, Buffy meets a very old woman who tells her about a scythe, Spike and Buffy get close; Angel and Buffy get seemingly closer... It's a great episode.

Only two drafts, but also a snippet from the email correspondence between myself and Espenson, some of which will be in my forthcoming book, Joss Whedon.

The drafts remain the property of FOX television, and the email snippet is copyright to Manchester University Press.

Draft 1

Draft 2

"Attached is ‘End of Days’, another co-write with Doug.  He wrote all the big actiony bits, I wrote all the funny Andrew/Anya, Willow/Giles, Xander/Dawn stuff."

Go here for a little snippet about one of her insights into "The Replacement"

And try out for drafts for Band Candy, and more Espenson insight!


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