Draft scripts for 'Buffy' #1 First Date

During the Writers' strike of 2006, I was fortunate to strike up a correspondence with Buffy, Angel and Firefly writer Jane Espenson. The email exchange will be published in my forthcoming Joss Whedon book. But in addition, she sent me drafts to all the episodes she wrote while at Mutant Enemy (the production company that made the shows mentioned).

For the second batch of drafts for 'The Replacement' go here.

 I use part of some of them in my book to highlight the creative process of producing a television show, but as I was re-watching 'First Date' last night (Buffy season 7, episode 14), I thought I'd post what I have of them. They belong to FOX Television. The shifts between the Outlines and version one, and version two and the aired show are really instructive. Little details such as the shift away from acetylene  torches to ropes (presumably because of the scope for bondage jokes, and the eventual fate of poor old Xander), or the removal of Chao- Ahn from the teaser all speak to the arduous process of getting the script perfect. More of this to come.

Here's Outline 1 - essentially a sketch of the episode with the structure, main beats and some dialogue.

Outline 2 is largely similar bt with some subtle shifting around of scenes

Version 1 of the script proper has all the dialogue, scene descriptions, character's responses / actions if necessary.

Version 2 develops the first script (almost certainly after scrutiny from Joss Whedon or Marti Noxon). What is interesting is how many additional changes occur between this and the final shooting script, and then the aired episode.

Buffy's first date with Principal Wood
goes considerably than Xander's with Maya...


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